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As a pioneer in hair treatments, L&G Beauty was founded by Dr Tawanna Thomas in 1977 at her home in Nashville, TN. She has remained true to the philosophy that every woman deserves beautiful natural beauty wherever she is on this planet, regardless if you are an adult or baby.

We are a family owned, independent beauty business with a strong focus on quality and exceptional customer service. We have a loyal customer base that provides us with support and advice. We believe in a healthy skin, and we believe in a beautiful, balanced skin care routine. Our products are formulated with the highest quality essential oils, natural moisturizers and micro-glitter. We are a small business with the highest quality ingredients, and our products are tested on animals.

Our skin care products are free from parabens, petrolatum, phthalate, sodium lauryl sulphate, alcohol, mineral oil, silica, petroleum, artificial fragrance, formaldehyde, and urea. This means they do NOT contain mica, iron oxides, calcium oxides, chromium oxide, chromium acetate, bismuth oxychloride, mica, silica, urea and aluminum chloride. We carry a full range of products to meet your skin care needs.

We are a dedicated, innovative, and socially conscious lifestyle brand. We offer a wide range of beauty and skincare products, with an emphasis on quality, sustainability and ecological stewardship. Our commitment is to educate and empower women. We are committed to creating an inclusive and empowered space, where women can feel comfortable in their own skin. We are proud to be working with the World Bank and UNICEF. What do we do? We create a high quality range of skincare, makeup, haircare and body products, with a focus on quality and sustainability. We source and source.

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Our products contain vitamin C, hyaluronic peptides, keratin peptides, hyaluronic acid, retinol, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, zinc gluconate, and lanolin. We also have a high quality moisturizer that gives your skin extra nourishment and hydration.

A range of skin care products cleanses, treats, moisturizes and protects your skin. Keep skin hydrated with our products.